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Vital Gear Switch Kits

Vital Gear Switch Kit
15.00 USD

Vital Gear Switch Kit. For Vital Gear flashlight bodies. FB1,2,3. Brass ring, switch with coil spring, rubber boot. New.(NOS) $15 per 3 piece kit.


AW 17670 Li-Ion 1600 mAh  Rechargeable Batteries

AW 17670 Battteries
11.00 USD

AW 17670 batteries, 3.7V, 1600 mAh, Brand New. Convert your 2x CR123 flashlight to rechargeable. (Surefire 6P and similar, please make sure that your LED works on 3.7V) 20+ available.$11ea.


EAGTAC 17650 Li - Ion 1600 mAh Recharge Batteries

EAGTAC 17650 Battery
9.00 USD

Eagtac 17670 Battery. 3.7V. 1600 mAh Lithium-Ion rechargeable. Fits Surefire 6P and similar lights; replaces 2x CR123. 10+ available. $9ea.


   EFEST IMR 16500, Li - Mn Rechargeable Batteries 

EFEST 16500 Rechargeable Batteries
6.00 USD

Efest IMR 16500 Li-Mn High Drain rechargeable batteries, 900 mAh. Perfect for 9V lights like the Surefire 9P or the PentagonLight X3. Two of these replace 3x CR123 primary batteries. $6 ea.


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