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Prometheus BETA QRV2 365UV flashlight


Prometheus BETA QRV2 365UV flashlight

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Based on the standard Beta QRv2 platform, the 365UV is designed to deliver. This project started as a contract for a pharmaceutical equipment manufacturing company, so this is NOT a "run of the mill" UV light. They wanted a strong 365nm source to inspect the interior of their processing equipment.

The LED: This LG Electronics diode is as premium as they get and delivers 90% of it's output in the UV spectrum. Remember, this was spec'd for a pharmaceutical company, not Alibaba. The LED cost alone is more than the cost to manufacture the rest of the light.
True 365nm Output: Unllike many "365" UV lights that might be 350-450nm, this particlar LED is designed to peak at exactly 365nm. 
Copper Pill: The UV LED generates a LOT of heat compared to a standard LED. The Beta UV is the only model to use a solid copper pill to improve thermal performance and extend the life of the LED. 
Single Mode: This one is just on/off with no fancy stuff.  
Power: 1 Watt might not sound impressive in flashlight-landia, but for a UV light this thing packs a punch.  The light is driven at 350mA. This is 50% more power going to the LED than the standard Beta.
It's Violet, and Sold out everywhere else. According to the Prometheus Design website, these might not ever be made again.